It arrives in a cute white and mint coloured box with the loco minty coco on the front, and all the benefits and allergen and storage instructions on the back – It is Free From gluten, wheat and dairy and, as you would expect contains coconut and peppermint. On opening you have a quality looking instruction sheet which tells you all the benefits.

I gave this to my daughter to test, but I still had a go with one to compare. The oil had solidified in the sachet, which is perfectly normal as it only takes its liquid form when heated. You can put straight into your mouth like this as it will melt almost instantly but it is preferable to hold in your hands for a little while then put in when it’s in its’ liquid form.Both of us feel that you only need use half the sachet at a time so doubling this to a one month course rather than a fortnight. You then swill around your mouth for 5-15 minutes..
So the verdict - My daughter liked this and said it was better than normal coconut oil thanks
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304 days ago
Robbie Savage
Really impressive oil pulling product!
I have never done the oil-pulling thing before but I had read about it previously in many magazines. I have also heard about it from many health-gurus.

The directions suggested that I swish the oil around in my mouth for 5-15 minutes. The taste was minty and powerful. It was actually quite calming to do. I felt that the overall taste of my mouth has improved if not at least temporarily. I did notice my teeth lighten up a bit. I cannot help but touch my tongue to my teeth inside my mouth. It was a little weird spitting it out at the end because it didn't feel like oil going in but it looked like a white/clear oil coming out. (I don't even want to know what came out with it.)
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373 days ago
Naturally whiten teeth with our unique blend of virgin coconut oil & peppermint essence. Oil pulling reduces bad bacteria & plaque - your mouth will thank you!

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