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Anonymous 229 days ago
Meital shany
Very nice products on high standarts,
Amazing store !
Strongly recommended.
Sidi 31 days ago it s a joke joke joke do not buy from it s a joke joke joke do not buy from them.
no phone number i ordered items in march 24 and we are may 18 and still has not received it yet. they are telling me it take 19-39 days to receive the items by email only and they dont even have my info i had to tell them the amount and the transaction id# from paypal from them to check and see what i purchase from them . they dont tell you that when you purchase the items. we are more than 39 it s almost two months and still have not received my items. i hope this will help the next person thinking about buying from them they dont have a phone number and it s just a site that dont have control over the items. they are from china and they are just brokers. this is a joke no one want to wait 2 months for something they puchased and still dont know if they are going to receive it or not because there is no way to track international shipping. they cant even track it. so be willing to loose your money if you order from this site. and facebook should not allow like this companies to advertise int the site because it s not good image. i dont even want the ithems anymore i will never recommend or order from you guys again joke joke joke. never buy from a company in facebook.