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Gear. Gigs. Grind. Glory... Everything to know, everywhere to be, all the top equipment... if it's about the music industry, Ledger Note has it. Do you? It's hard not to think Ledger Note without thinking leading-edge music magazine. What do you get when you cross world-class musicians with elite web developers? What happens if you put them into a beaker, add a dash of humor and a pinch of perfectionism, put your thumb over the top, and start shaking it as vigorously as you can? When the dust settles, the smoke clears, and the fire extinguisher is extinguished, you realize you've created a monster... an amalgamation... a creature with an insatiable passion for all things music. Ledger Note commits to the advancement of skill, knowledge, and competency in performance of all musicians. Through rigorous study and experience, we will continue to provide access to the most pertinent information possible regarding all aspects of music.

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