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Christopher G. 167 days ago
Verified Purchase
Good coop ... beware of shipping changes ...
Overall impression of the 7x14 Quaker coop is very positive, although I have some issues:

One major issue:
I was NOT happy with the company downgrading my shipping options without talking to me first! The truck driver was close but not perfect in its placement, so it's not level. It either needs to move 18 inches sideways, or I have to jack up 1 side & back-fill material.

Six minor issues:
Found one large splinter on top of one of the roosting boards. This can cause foot injury, then possibly bumblefoot.

Found a loose pan-head screw on the bottom of chicken door #2.

Found a couple nail heads sticking out.

The bottom part of the wire going down to the battery needs protection from chickens. It can be pecked & pulled.

The solar panel is on the north-side roof, and it should be on the south facing roof during the winter. The coop was unloaded in the dark, so i didn't notice it until the next day. Doesn't look like it can be easily moved.

Huge number of bug splatters on the man-door side from the long road trip.