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Welcome to Kiss Pearls your Atlantic Canadian pearl party place. Find us online at: www.kisspearls.ca www.kisspearls.co www.kisspearls.com Online store has a valid SSL certificate McAfee SECURE Kiss Pearls has from its inception gone the extra mile to do things right. From registering as a business, importing for business (vs personal=skirting Customs red tape), obtaining import permits and clearance. The online store has a valid SSL Certificate, is McAfee SECURE, gets backed up and scanned multiple times per day. All products are 925 Sterling Silver. Much of the jewelry being imported contains alloys which are harmful to humans, with only a thin, wear off plating, these pendants can be harmful to the wearer and/or especially to children/infants. To avoid any of these issues Kiss Pearls only orders 925 Sterling Silver products. All Oysters are cultured pearl oysters direct from a oyster farm in China. All oysters are minimum 6 mm, AA quality.

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