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Holly S. 468 days ago
Keeping Ordinance 130 is vital to Texarkana! is an education and resource center for anyone wanting to learn more about the efforts to keep Ordinance 130, which is an anti-discrimination ordinance passed by the city in January 2016. Since learning of the efforts to repeal this ordinance, a group of diverse and determined individuals have been working hard to assure that this does not happen. This user-friendly website lists important dates, such as the deadline for voters' registration and the actual day to vote, and dates of events, such as meetings and fundraisers. It also contains good information about the ordinance itself, what it contains specifically and what it implies. Also, contains updated news as well as articles that educate on topics like the economic impact of having an anti-discrimination ordinance in place. To add a human touch, the site includes a video of a moving speech, delivered at a council meeting, by a vibrant Episcopalian minister, and it should not be missed.
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