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Benny G. 267 days ago
First used the test 2 years ago and again now.
I was pleased to find a reliable company to test the water coming into my home after installing a whole house filter four years ago. I was impressed with the promptness of the report and how complete it was. (I installed the filter to remove the Clorimine that the water company was putting in as it attacks and corrodes the copper pipe).

Imagine my pleasant surprise to find that the new test I just ordered contained nearly double the tests for the same price.
Actually I ordered two, one to check my filter-side water and one to test the raw input water from the street.

I only use the basic test and it is a steal at about $50.

When I refurbish my filter system (every 3-5 years), I am strongly considering ordering one of their more complex test kits.

I could not be happier with this product.
Response from karlabs.com
A big Thank You from the staff of KAR Laboratories for your kind words and for being a repeat customer. We really appreciate it. Give us a call if there's anything we can help with!
Phillip M. 272 days ago
Top Notch!
Thank you for giving amazing service, timely responses and helpful advice. It is why I send my samples from states away.
Nancy M. 274 days ago
The order for the kit came quickly, it was easy to use and send back. The results came even quicker than they said it would. Very thorough test, covered what I wanted.
John K. 278 days ago
Very professional lab test
After deciding which test best met our needs an order was placed and paid for online. In a few days our test kit arrived. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. The next morning I took the samples, packaged it all up and droit off at the Post Office. In a few days we received an email that the sample had been received. Just like clockwork, we received the results of the test. The test res were easy to read and understand.

We are on a private well and will be testing often. We will use Karlabs.

Adam B. 286 days ago
Easy and awesome
Easy instructions and very comprehensive, professional report. Installed a new water filtration system and wanted to make sure it as well as our drinking water filtration device were doing what they were supposed to. They did what they advertised and on time with a virtual smile. Highly recommed!
Michael J. 328 days ago
Superb Quality Test And Service
This is my first testing experience for my city water therefore I really didn't know what to expect.

KAR Labs has the best detailed analysis and customer service that I could have ever imagined.

The lab analysis is very easy to understand especially with their comments and industry limitations for guidance. I can also not find any critiques for their customer service.

Money well spent for a quality product and service.....Thank You
Kim D. 343 days ago
Great Quality Lab
I am very pleased with Karlabs. I ordered my lab kit and it came quickly. It was so easy to collect my sample and to send it back. The instructions were very clear and easy to understand. I received my results in the time I was told and job done was very professional. Thank you!
Hayden H. 392 days ago
I received my kit in the mail insanely fast (2 days I believe). I got my email about 3 or 4 days later with everything I needed. Now it's time to get brewing!
Anonymous 442 days ago
Being proactive!
We were concerned about why a state agency was testing our well water and others near a local industrial site. We had not heard any results, so we used KAR Labs to run our own tests. We were relieved to find no issues, which I didn't think we would, since we're in a deep aquifer. But you can't be too careful or trust everything a government agency might or might not tell you. We'll do annual testing from here on out!
Anonymous 461 days ago
Great Results for Brewing
I was worried that perhaps I wasn't going to be able to follow all the details correctly for a Water Test. But this was so easy and simple.

My favorite things about using Karlabs: 1) The confirmation of receipt and the 2 day guarantee, 2) The details on the report had everything i needed for my Brewing water chart.

Cant beat the price for the types of tests/reports being done.
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