Josh & John Designs Co., Ltd

As purveyors of diamonds and jewellery for more than 17 years, Josh & John Jewellers has a long and lustrous heritage of exquisite craftsmanship driven by their heritage of impeccable artistry and fueled by infinite creativity. Josh & John Designs stands for authenticity, sensitivity, playfulness, eccentricity and dedicated customer service. Our approach in designing a collection is impulsive rather than rational. With everything we create and every collection we have made, we embrace the mystery of everyday life, which reveals a whole universe at first glance. Each piece is crafted with fastidious attention to detail, meticulous hand selection ensures all jewelleries are superior to industry standards, whilst rigorously selected materials are carefully constructed according to the Josh & John Standard to the finest degree of quality. Josh & John Designs Co., Ltd was established in Thailand. However, its expanse is massive. We wish to discover wider horizons. Our efforts are dir

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