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Jo Jo B. 855 days ago
Quality Services at affordable prices, ALWAYS!
Whether you need photography, videography, editing, photo or document scanning into a digital image file or into a Adobe Acrobat PDF file, professional photograph printing on top quality paper, document printing, a blog post or premium ad-space on a self-promoting website, an old family cassette tape recording made into a CD that has quality sound, an old family VHS Recording made into a DVD for standard or high definition tvs, old photo restoration, smartphone video made into a nice clean edited video, and so much more, then JO JO BROWN will always work at giving you a fair price and go above and beyond what you pay him to do. He strives to do better than what he sets out to do, so when he tells you he will do something, you can expect a little extra for no additional charge. He is well known in the City of Phoenix and has many people that he can provide referrals to, "IF he cannot do what you are needing."