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What do you think of j4l.com?
Behzad A. 222 days ago
Hellow,very good site but very hard adding ceredit
My shopify
Anders J. 232 days ago
good experience)
Today I have a date with a beautiful person I’ve met online on this site. So far so good. Wish me luck guys!
Richard B. 267 days ago
Very good site
Deep down, I was suspicious of this site because you don’t normally get good thing for free. This site doesn’t charge membership fees but at the same it provides all the necessary services for communication and many women’s profiles.
Ray G. Yesterday
No fraud😊
Hello,I dont know about you guys..bUT I MET WITH SOMEONE heree its just a new site with full protection ,notfraud for sure..and not at all money waste machinewebsite..and so cheap..as my boyfriend said..;))well soon wewill going to meet..I always wanted to marry a foreignerfrom Ukr..so found my love her,if you dont belive me thancheck your self one or two times
Mikael Yesterday
Hot women
Russian women are hot. they are beautiful indeed. i traveled to eastern europe and i know what im sayin. i have slavic roots too. my grandma was russian and my granddad was polish. maybe this explains my attraction to russian girls. i live in Germany and i don’t want to offend german women… but western and eastern european women are different. i want my wife to be from Russia.
Charles C. 35 days ago
Long-distance relationships work
The popularity of online dating sites proves that distance is never a hindrance for two people. It was always hard for me to imagine what it’s like to date a person not seeing them face to face, not being able to touch and embrace them. From my own experience I can say it’s possible. I’m the living proof.
Roman M. 54 days ago
not bad
You may ask what the deal with all these dating sites is and what they offer. These questions were bothering me, too. Really, you’re wasting your money on membership, while no one guarantees you that anything good will come of it. On the other hand, you can simply hook up with someone from your office or Tinder, and ask her out to a café with much better chances of getting something in return, if you know what I mean:) But once I joined this website, everything became clear. There’s no easier and safer way to date 2,3,4, or even 5 girls at the same time without being afraid of consequences! Try doing this in real life. Such trick will drain your wallet!
William J. 64 days ago
A piece of cake
Yeah, to find a wife or at least a decent woman on this site is a true cakewalk. Everything is very simple. Like the interface, which is very informative, easy to understand, to locate all the bars, necessary functions and so on. The messaging is great too. Honestly, all you need to able to do is reading)
Bris K. 64 days ago
Answered Prayers
Must admit that this online dating service is the embodiment of my dreams. No flashy interfaces, no unreasonable charges and video-chats work flawlessly. I've seen online dating sites that were charging you for every message and video-chats that would shut down every five minutes. This service is the answered prayers of mine.
Claude A. 64 days ago
Joining for Free
I like the fact that this online dating service offers signing in for free. Other dating sites charge you on your registering and I think that it's not fair. I think everyone should have a good look at anything before you pay for it. Of course you need to become a paid member if you want to start chatting with the girls, but you pay nothing for creating an account.
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