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Joanna M. 94 days ago
I've known Heather sense she was a young girl, and over the years we've become friends, as I have been somewhat of a mentor, I have also been supportive of her journey. We now enjoy an adult friendship. I was recently diagnosed with cancer & began a 7 week course of chemotherapy and daily radiation. During Thanksgiving I took a serious turn for the worse and was hospitalized for 5 days with a dangerously low white count, & potassium, high fever and infection. Heather drove to the hospital and did a session with me. Shortly after the session began I was pain free, and my mind went to happy places. I felt serene, relaxed, and experienced a sense of joy. Her energy profoundly & in positive ways effected mine, with a clarity that perforated the fog of pain medications. I felt stronger just by being freed from how I felt. The positives lingered into the night & the next day. You do not need to believe, you only need to be open if you are a skeptic. For me as someone with cancer, it certainly helped, and I am forever grateful to Heather for the effort she made to be there as my friend, and for working her magic on me and providing me a reprieve from the pain. I had been engulfed in being sick, and I was released into a better head space, and physically freed from the pain and discomfort. It was a jump start into a better mind set, & reinforced my strength to heal.
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Joanna, it is my absolute pleasure to have been able to assist you during your hospitalization. Your nurse genuinely thanked me upon departure for helping you. Her open mindedness and support of alternative healing is progress in Western Medicine. Given the high levels of pain you were in, seeing you lay there smiling during the session was a Godsend! That the feelings of relief and serenity carried through to the next day is wonderful proof that once Reiki is applied, it will continue to be received until you have received all you need for that time. I merely "plug you in" to Source and it delivers what you require, and only Source knows how much and where it needs to go. It is common to require additional sessions as we grow through our healing, always most beneficial when aided with positive life choices and changes where needed (be it diet, etc). And a boost in positive mindset is a major accomplishment as that is the start of your true healing and journey. Always an honor Joanna!
Richard S. 122 days ago
Richard Strom
Aside from being happy that my favorite healer has her business up and running. I must admit that I am impressed with her site. Crisp pictures (at least on my phone) easy to navigate, I am impressed! Of course I trust the site. Yes my phone says it's safe as well.