HindiIndie.com is a Vibrant New Fully Australian Owned and Operated Company. It was born from the vision of one Australian woman who has travelled the world extensively - and to India many times over the past 28 years. "The dream of HindiIndie evolved through a pure admiration for the beauty of the Indian artisan aesthetic." There are so many stunningly unique qualities to the work of the Indian artisan and I came to wonder why we, as Australians, weren't getting access to "the good stuff". India has so much more to offer than just the well known randoms you might find in the local hippy shop. As such, the aim of HindiIndie.com is to bring to you an Inspired & Stunning Array of Unique Quality Clothing, Jewellery & Home Wares. I hope you can always visit our site and find something that you truly admire for its Uniqueness, Quality & Beauty.

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