Gunilla of Sweden-Botanical Skin Care Since 1987

Gunilla of Sweden, Inc Botanical Skin Care Since 1987 --------- 30th Year Creating Professional Grade Skin Care Developed in Sweden | Makers of LEROSETT® The Only FDA Approved Organic Acne Brand | ÄKTA® Botanically Based Skin Care | CLEARPOINT® Acne Supplements ---- All our acne and skin care products are based on our hydroponic greenhouse grown organic aloe or our famous micronized mineral rich organic clay as the base ingredient in every product we make. We never use water or oil as the main ingredient sulfur or benzoyl peroxide. We offer both botanically based naturally medicated acne systems, non-medicated clear skin systems and our top selling ClearPoint® Clear Skin Supplements. Plus our botanically based ÄKTA® for anti-aging and preventative skin care. ---- It's our 30th anniversary year and Gunilla of Sweden® has three decades of expertise creating the most effective botanical skin care products available.

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