Gorjus Whip Body Butter, Best Body Butter Ever!

OUR MISSION: IS TO OFFER A HEALTHY,NATURAL, MULTI PURPOSE PRODUCT THAT WILL ENRICH, FEED AND RESTORE, THE SKIN AND HAIR BACK TO IT'S NATURAL MOISTURE LEVEL, AS IT BECOMES SOFTER AND HYDRATED. OUR PRODUCTS HAS NO RESTRICTION TO AGE,GENDER, OR ETHNICITY, WE DISCOVERED,DEVELOPED AND DELIVERED, AN INNOVATIVE PRODUCT TO ALL MANKIND. WE ENVISION TO BE AMERICA'S MOST LOVED BEAUTY,HEALTH AND WELL BEING PRODUCT UNIVERSALLY. We formulate our product with some of the finest ingredients from across the globe such as South Africa, Uganda, Namibia, India, North America and Asia. Our ingredients are raw when we receive them, the products have not been refined or filled with any solvents, it is not necessary for our product to have any kind of preservative, due to high content of high Y-tocopherol.(E) this means our products are very stable. Our butter and scrubs has a shelf life of 2-3 years unopened. and about 12 months opened.we guarantee, you wont have it that long!

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