Gleeful Peacock

Nikki Halgren is the Girl Behind the Glee. Her creative mind has always been saturated with color and vibrant whimsical designs, and her heart has always been bursting with love for the warmth of nostalgic design. As single Mom, who relocated to Tulsa and took a corporate job with little potential, Nikki was feeling uninspired and lost her creative outlet. That feeling of being adrift in a sea of beige was just the kick in the pants that Nikki needed to reignite her imagination. So she dusted off her paintbrushes and got to work developing this spark of an idea that had bounced around in her brain since she was a little girl. Nikki felt herself come back to life, and she forged full steam ahead with a vintage-inspired line of jewelry for the modern girl. She drew inspiration from current color and fashion trends while still staying true to her retro roots. Gleeful Peacock is jewelry designed to spread love, kindness and glee; one piece and one moment at a time.

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