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Counseling available for teens, individuals, families, and couples looking for help resolving: relationship and communication problems; LGBT issues; depression; parenting concerns; and other challenges. Weekends and evenings appointments available @ 240-273-3264. Using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as our base theoretical framework, Gilead's approach allows exploration of psycho-spiritual themes which may illuminate issues that impede your progress, or contribute to it. Services are available to all, regardless of religious beliefs or perspectives. Our approach is premised on the notion that behaviors are malleable. In other words, we can learn to replace less desirable behaviors with more desirable ones. But, youll have choices in how you engage therapeutically. For example: Lets say conflict or disputes have totally disrupted your life. In that case, a short-term mediation process might be helpful. If that is something you'd like to explore, we can connect you with soluti

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