Gifts n Bags

Gifts n Bags is a first-rate Israeli Ecommerce, concentrating mainly on Children's gifts and bags, to all-purpose. Gifts n Bags sits on the domain, and is a proud member of VFM Israel. Among the other advantages, we believe that the security level of the website, however "in the background", should be considered as the essential condition for all the other benefits. As such, unparalleled measures were taken to secure this website, certainly in Israeli terms: First and foremost, is based on the Premruim Platform of Shopify, which does not come cheaply or without commistions for security. On top of it, we use Paypal, which does not come very cheaply, as, lastly, the other external (Shopify-Approved) payment gate. Lastly, the whole website is encrypted, thus allowing a consistently-secure experience for our customers. Lastly, we are a proud part of McAfee Secure and Trusted Site, which is also very handy in eliminating potential threats in advance.

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