GetiParts is a U.S. based Apple retailer company. The company started about ten years ago, with a small iPhone repair shop in Chicago, IL. Since then the company has been on a continuous growth path. One of the contributing factors to the growth of the company is attributed to need to offer their customers with perfect services that would help in reducing cost, and time spent repairing their iPhone device. Eventually, the company transformed from being a repair shop into an online e-commerce website, developing a repairing guide for each specific part to help their customers repair their iPhone device on their own. The transformation is attributed to the company's understanding the need for their customers to easy access to their iPhone device repair because most of the repairs involved defective display and or battery. The company is also trusted and verified by Google, McAfee, TrustedSite, Shopify, and Facebook.

73 E Lake St, Chicago, IL, 60601, US
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