Funky Fashion & Lingerie

F u n k y Fashion & Lingerie (Org # 898338592.) is an international whole and retailseller and distributor of high quality fashion products. In our assortment you will find a complete range of sensual and luxurious items. We also caries childrens fashion gear, l Worlds biggest brands in the industry are hosted with us such as: Crazy Age ,Stidia, Instyle Fashion and many many more. F u n k y Fashion & Lingerie was established in 2009, and have customers all over the world. The success of F u n k y Fashion & Lingerie stems from a serious market approach where high service has the highest priority. Our articles are available from stock, delivery time is short, prices are cheap and compatible. F u n k y Fashion & Lingerie has its own manufacturing facilities where leather, lingerie and latex collections are created and manufacturedF u n k y Fashion & Lingerie is a popular and well known brand with an excellent image. Find yourself a professional organization with professiona

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