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Mark E. 103 days ago
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Please Give an Option for Device Alone
Von Erl Starter Pack Review

My main issue with the starter pack is the fact that you must buy a starter pack to get the My Von Erl vape pen. I don’t like the liquid pods that come with them (menthol) and it unnecessarily adds to the cost of what could be a very inexpensive vaping pen. I would have preferred to have the option to buy the pen alone or at least specify what liquid pod came with it. That being said, when they work, vaping the Frisco Vapors flavors with the Von Erl pen is some of the most enjoyable vaping I’ve experienced in the six years I’ve been vaping (once you learn to control the way the device spits). It’s largely due to incredible flavor of the Frisco Vapor ejuices and this is the only way to get them in a nicotine concentration high enough to be worth the effort because at 2.4% it’s just enough nicotine (other Von Erl pods are available in up to 3.6%, JUUL is up to 5.0%). The other problem with the vape pen itself is failure rate; of the 8 or so I have purchased half don’t last even one month before failing to either work at all or will stop charging. When they do work, together with say a 2.4% Frisco Vapor The Rock liquid pod, it is sublime!!! Kudos to the team at Frisco Vapor for sending me a replacement before even receiving my last defective one. Very much appreciated! Now with Von Erl becoming extinct if I could just convince them to sell their ejuice to me in the same 2.4% concentration for use in my best vaping pens instead of a maximum of .6% , made primarily for cloud chasers I guess, then the vaping part of my world would be perfect...