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Anonymous B. 360 days ago
Fake service
They answer in a very quick way before the payment. After that I did not receive any response.
Iryna B. 360 days ago
Doubtful service
When I asked to stop getting followers, because I dont need fake followers. They just stopped answering my emails. Then I decide to speak with them in online chat, but nobody answered me too. I wrote around 20 times. If you give such service, be polite to answer to your clients when they ask you about something.
Alexander B. 361 days ago
Great service awesome website
I have used this service for 2 times already, the followers I get are awesome. Only the time it takes for them to start the campaign is sometimes a little long, but that's always after you purchase something!
Jodie M. 274 days ago
AVOID......Fake and poor everything!
Fake fake FAKE!!!! Promise a money back guarantee but then do not comply. Appalling service and didn't start getting any of the "organically" grown followers until after 40 days. Asked for a refund based on their Terms Of Service (requested after 18 days of waiting) but refused and told it wasn't necessary. Only fulfilled 40% of the purchased followers and I don't event want them. Completely fake followers and I should have done more research, so I am partially to blame. Do not waste your money and mental investment. Everything true of what people below have said...tell you everything you need before purchase then never reply or fulfill after you have spent your money. TOS are a complete joke and cannot believe we never read them. More fool us...TOS contradict everything they promise in the main page. AVOID. Still awaiting a reply.
Sam C. 326 days ago
Followpop is a total fake
Yes, this site is a scam!!
They use applications to create ghostfollowers. Fake fallowers that are robots that auto like your posts making it look like real followers. The problem is that you do not get authentic interactions and fake likes.
Around 95% of their "followers" rank as inactive or ghost accounts according to investigation.

Do not use them!!!

The guy who sells their service is named Alex, probably the same Alex in the post before!!! Witch is a great sign that this is a fake business.