- ExoticCube is an amazing shopping mall, which brings you the products you need and love from all over the world. - "Exotic" means that you can buy products from other countries; "Cube" represents the Rubik's cube, indicating that you can discover various products on our mall and even browse personalized recommended products based on a sophisticated algorithms. - The foreign products we sold can be stored at local warehouses, and delivered by local delivery companies. Therefore, we can send you the products as fast as the local online stores--within 2~7days, and with a pretty reasonable freight. - The warehouse service we choose are provided by China's first-class cross-border warehouse and logistics company--chukou1 (view www.chukou1.com), which also established mature cooperative relationship with various delivery companies. - We accept Papal for payment. - We hold various kinds of sales promotion and giveaway activities. You can follow our Facebook @Exotic

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