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Anonymous 691 days ago
I love Ephedra Warehouse. Be sure to call them.
I started taking ephedrine years ago when you could find it in every supplement store or big retailer in the United States. When the legality of ephedrine became iffy, I went to google to find a legal ephedrine replacement. I tried many products before calling Ephedra Warehouse. I now speak to them on a monthly basis, and we are on a first name basis. I learned that everyone is different and are often looking for various types of products. I recommend checking out the product reviews to find out which products you are interested in and then giving Ephedra Warehouse a call. They have always pointed me in the right direction.
Patricia P. 35 days ago
Weight loss
This product is amazing I started taking it about 5 month's ago and I have a very high tolerance to things. I have lost 10 lbs of the 20 I gained from not being able to do the things I used to do. It curbs my appetite. I totally recommend it. Ephedrawarehouse is a great company to buy from and cheaper than the others.
Jaymi W. 6 days ago
Hell Yeah Hellfire!
Got me buzzing!!!
I've been lacking energy and motivation to exercise and clean the house. I remember getting Mini-Thins and Black Beauties from the gas station back in the day before ephedrine was banned...this stuff is as close as you can get! I am a bit overweight and have a high tolerance for stuff, but just one Hell Fire gets me going! The energy is amazing! I let my friend have one and we went fishing, she got kinda shaky and was shocked at how strong they are! Make sure to eat first and don't take them past 1pm or you won't be able to sleep. I can't wait to see if this product will help me lose weight, I just started taking one a day and my appetite is already decreasing, just don't feel like eating all the time anymore.
Melissa M. 7 days ago
Reasonably priced and fast shipping!
I have a family member who takes Lipodrene, which was recommended by a friend of hers and they have both been losing weight and feel great. I bought this for my boyfriend, he's been wanting to lose weight for a while now. He's seemed to gain the most weight this year after quitting smoking. They made him feel jittery at first, I'm not sure about now, it's only been at least 2 weeks since he's started taking them and haven't seen any results yet. I can update a little later. Reasonably priced and shipping was also fast, we will probably continue purchasing in the future with good results.
Emily N. 51 days ago
Great product
I have been taking hellfire to help with losing the 20 pounds I gained from quitting smoking. Hellfire gives me so much energy and makes me feel so motivated. I want to be busy doing something all the time. I changed my eating habits and took hellfire and lost the weight and decided to keep taking it to lose a little bit more weight before I go on my cruise. This is a great product and great weight loss aid and I truly recommend it.
Bryon K. 73 days ago
Excellent product
Love it. The hellfire blend gives me instant energy with no jitters. It's was a little too strong for me at first but after about 5 days of use my body got use to it.
Michelle N. 110 days ago
EW rocks!
Love the service EW gives and the quick reliable shipping! Hey, and when you call,for any reason you actually get to talk to a real live friendly human being! Prices are great and of course the Lipodrene always rocks! It's my go to for energy and makes my workouts more intense!
Sandra V. 156 days ago
I love this product!! Keep it in stock always it's
Like always I'm a very happy costumer and keep up the great job.Thanks.
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