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Anonymous 630 days ago
I love Ephedra Warehouse. Be sure to call them.
I started taking ephedrine years ago when you could find it in every supplement store or big retailer in the United States. When the legality of ephedrine became iffy, I went to google to find a legal ephedrine replacement. I tried many products before calling Ephedra Warehouse. I now speak to them on a monthly basis, and we are on a first name basis. I learned that everyone is different and are often looking for various types of products. I recommend checking out the product reviews to find out which products you are interested in and then giving Ephedra Warehouse a call. They have always pointed me in the right direction.
Bryon K. 12 days ago
Excellent product
Love it. The hellfire blend gives me instant energy with no jitters. It's was a little too strong for me at first but after about 5 days of use my body got use to it.
Michelle N. 49 days ago
EW rocks!
Love the service EW gives and the quick reliable shipping! Hey, and when you call,for any reason you actually get to talk to a real live friendly human being! Prices are great and of course the Lipodrene always rocks! It's my go to for energy and makes my workouts more intense!
Sandra V. 95 days ago
I love this product!! Keep it in stock always it's
Like always I'm a very happy costumer and keep up the great job.Thanks.
Anonymous 99 days ago
I'm glad I try them.
I really like it, I've been losing two pounds a week without dieting or exercising, I do recommend this product. It will be hard to sleep more than 4 hours if you drink coffee, I have not experienced headaches .
Anonymous 104 days ago
Good is Better than Perfect
Never had a problem with EW that wasn't handled well.
Anonymous 107 days ago
Hellfire 150
I started using ephedra Warehouse after ephedra became difficult to buy in stores.
I have been extremely satisfied with them.
Hellfire 150 is my go to capsules! In 2 years I am down nearly 100lbs and huge gaines in muscle mass. On sluggish days, if I take some hellfire, it takes me right out of that fatigue mode.
Thank you ephedra Warehouse for having this option available.
- Brad
Shaunna V. 124 days ago
Thank you so much!
I use the Hellfire every single day. I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and this helps me in more ways than one. Thanks sooooo much for creating a product that REALLY ACTUALLY WORKS!
Alexis W. 143 days ago
Diablos are WOW!
Energy, suppresses appetite and can actually FEEL a difference. To ME, it even elevates my mood. In more ways than one, lol (wink wink 😉) And I'm down from 235 to 217 in 2 weeks! Gets me through my entire work day, school and facing my life with all the responsibilities of a single Mother. Recommended dose is no more than 3x a day but I never feel the need to take more than 2x. Only "warning" I have is follow the directions! When it says take with food, TAKE WITH FOOD. It can make you feel nauseous. Overall, when taken correctly, I say this product is legit. And I'm very satisfied with it.
John L. 148 days ago
Stamamine Yellow Stix Review
This is an incredible products. Are used to take Metabolife 356 and this is the only one that I've tried to truly stands up to it. It has been four days now and not only is my mood highly increased but the energy I get from this is phenomenal. If there is anybody wanting to try this for the first time without all the jitteriness and terrible feelings of other products, this is the one for you. I am so glad that I found this product and I will be re-ordering again. I also love the fact that it was no more than two pills a day in the bottle sells 90 capsules per container. Love Yellow Stix!!!
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