Deshanee Dress Point

Deshanee Dress Point showroom chain was the first and the largest chain of ready-made garments showrooms in Sri Lanka. We are quite sure, all Sri Lankans are well aware of “Deshanee Dress Point” which was inaugurated on March 1991. This new showroom established in keeping with a novel concept, became more popular among the public due to its unique system of shelves utilized to display ready-made garments. This was an unprecedented experience to Sri Lanka that at the time had not gained exposer to such display units. No one would have believed that our Deshanee Dress Point showroom would be the founder of all other apparel showrooms presently established throughout Sri Lanka. We are indeed humbly proud of this achievement. At Deshanee, we can proudly say we have come a long way, thus we know exactly which direction to take, when supplying you with high quality yet, budget friendly products.

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