Del Francis Jewelry

Del Francis Jewelry is an online Jeweler/Designer. From 18K Gold & .950 Platinum, our Bespoke pieces are created especially for you. We deliver worldwide! "I’m obviously a romantic. I wanted to wear a piece of jewelry that evoked feelings in my soul when I first saw it. I wanted it to love me." - Stacy  "Everyone involved, our manufacture, Master jeweler and even myself continue our education every year to stay abreast on the jewelry trade. As GIA Alumni, we participate in events hosted by our chapters, including social meet-ups and networking opportunities at industry trade shows and education opportunities." - Del  "Handmade is personal. It’s like writing a letter to your lover. You wouldn’t want to type and print it, would you? Well, you could, but I would appreciate more than just the words my husband wrote." - Stacy

P.O.Box 211193, Dallas, TX, 75211, US
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