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Boni E. 388 days ago
perfect site
This one is worth registering. I cannot say I am totally satisfied with this dating website, although it is good enough. I would like matchmaker to be more active here. I want them to send to a text with id or name of someone perfect for me. The greatest benefit of the site is their people. I see no scammers there. The communication is pleasant and safe. I have been using it for a month and see no problems.
Tenor M. 358 days ago
Just thank you forev
Me and my wife met here 3 years ago and we are a happy loving family. What more can I say. Just thank you forever.
Dylan I. 390 days ago
we plan a romantic trip together
I often go on business trips to Russia and their women will never stop astonishing me. What I realized is that I want my future wife to be Russian. That is why I registered at this site to meet Russian girls and a find potential partner. I met Nastya here and we agreed to meet in her city. We’ve been in a long-distance relationship for about a year. I fly to her regularly and we plan a romantic trip together.
John P. 420 days ago
Dating ladies
I met so many wonderful girls at this site. I really get a kick out of communicating with them. I have three regular online dates and each of them attracts me in a specific way. One has a terrific sense of humor, another is a romantic nature and we talk about literature with her, and the third girl is just beautiful. I’ll continue to correspond with them to realize whom I like more.
Ros K. 328 days ago
Girls are great
Girls are great, charges are reasonable, the interface is convenient. The only dating service where round the clock customer support service is really round the clock. Do I have anything bad to say? Well, sometimes certain errors occur when I am chatting, as a result the conversation turns into mess.
Javelen 57 days ago
Something went wrong
guys is it me or this site just got too slow? a few days ago everything was fine nad i was killin time chatting with some Ukrainian chick. today i cant send a single message coz it takes forever to load the page!! now this is ridiculous its like i’m back in 1992(( THATS NOT WHAT I PAY FOR!!! this sshit is happening all day long!! Geez is it so hard to fix this problem???
Christian R. 116 days ago
Training my self-confidence
It wasn’t my curiosity that brought me to this website. It was rather my shyness and lack of experience dealing with ladies. I was too shy to have a chat with a girl on the street. One of my college roommates said that I could gain some practice online, and he was right. I feel much more confident chatting with girls online, but in fact, it’s the site’s blog with dating tips that makes me come back her every day.
Raymond P. 125 days ago
Dead end
Had lots of bad stuff happen in most of my relationships so much so that I pretty much just wanted to be left alone..till finaly found IT. love it. interfac impresses , girls are more than good;) recommend visit=l belive me, It can SAVE personsal life in blink of an eye
John H. 154 days ago
my choice
I heard that Russian women are one of the most beautiful women in the world and after visiting Russia I realized it was true. It was a short business trip and I didn’t have much time for meeting girls, so when I returned from the trip I decided to learn about Russian women more and meet some of them through a dating site. I monitored lots of forums and found many positive reviews of this site, so it helped me make my choice.
Rene P. 154 days ago
I changed my mind about online dating
I'd thought that online dating can't culminate into something serious, when I registered on this dating site. I had the same thought when I started chatting with Natasha. I must say that after we had few trips to each other and after planning to move in together I have changed my mind about online dating.
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