crystal Prescriptions

Welcome to Crystal Prescriptions ​ Offering Healing through the use of Crystals, considered to be 'Mother Natures Medicine Cabinet'. ​ Crystals have been used for Healing and Protection for many thousands of years by many different cultures. ​We offer a wide variety of Crystal Prescriptions to aid your healing, each Prescription contains a selection of ethically sourced Crystals which have been cleansed, prepared and empowered for your needs. ​You will find a selection of Crystal Prescriptions in our shop, new prescriptions will be added regularly and we welcome you to contact us via email at if you require a prescription for anything not listed and a 'bespoke prescription' can be made especially for you. We have more information about our 'Bespoke' Prescription on our Crystal Prescription page. ​Each Crystal Prescription is beautifully gift packaged making it a ideal gift for yourself or others ~ the perfect gift of Healing.

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