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Daniel H. 84 days ago
What our industry has been missing for a long time
Excellent website, survey is quick and easy making it a very simple process. A wonderful tool added to our box. Works well for both adjusters and Body Shops. I would like to see an addition to the survey review page. A zip code entry the populates the average posted rates for that area. This would refine the Ease of Use for our Adjusters and Insurance Company's profiles.
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About The Company
CollisionRate is an annual Independent Unbiased Market Research Company. Assist Adjusters In Locating Competitive Local Market Rates Assist Consumers In Locating Competitive Local Market Rates Regional Updates Completed Bi-Weekly Search by City, State or Zip in Region Date/Time Body Shop was Survived Body Shop Assigned A Unique ID Num. / Kept Confidential Provides Title Of Who Completed The Survey
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