In COLDFIRE we handcraft unique products, defined by the idea of tactical everyday excellence. We fuse materials unmatched in strength and resilience to create tough RFID-protected carry with a distinctive look and feel. Our trendsetting ingredients include CARBITEX’s Best-in-Class CX6™ Carbon fiber and performance kangaroo leather ensuring ultimate durability and style, Dyneema®-reinforced lining and military-grade threads for a tear-free experience, our RFID Data Armor™ providing you with a peace of mind, and a signature logo plate exquisitely crafted from aerospace grade TITANIUM – a finishing touch that sets you apart from the crowd. Whether you are on business, or conquering the next extreme challenge, COLDFIRE will make sure you enjoy the best from both worlds. Compliment yourself with our premium men leather wallets, organizers, cardholders, slim wallets, bags and tactical accessories crafted with passion and attention to the finest details.

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