Buy and Ship is Global Online Procurement & Sourcing Agent. We specialize in the purchasing and handling of goods for behalf of our clients all over the world, But Mostly Customer buy byself, Because here lots of Banners and Websites are available, Who are ship worldwide. We will handle anything and everything from needle to plane like as Agricultural products Clothes Consumer Electronics Electronics Handicraft & Vintage Products Lighters Liquor Motor vehicles Perfumes Paints Jewelry Watches and lots more. We are sending or complete any order related to any products like: Herbal Medicines, Dairy & Bakery Related Machineries & Products, Mixer, Juicer & Grinders, Jewelry, Cosmetics, Sugar or Diabetic Control medicines for permanent cure, Perfumes, Rugs, Heavy Machineries, Hand Tools, Woolen Garments, Knitwears, Sports & Surgical Goods, Rugs, Blankets, Handicraft Goods & lots more.

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