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I am highly proficient in building Business, Marketing and Project plans with an emphasis on simplicity and implementation. I create documents that you use. I am particular well-suited for this job. I have experience in combining core business strengths into a brand strategy. A few areas of interest: 1. Started a company with 2 file cabinets and created a 5 million dollar company in 3-years, sold it in 5-years to my largest distributor. 2. Took over a 1.6 million dollar company and left 6-years later when it was at 12 million and paid out 6 to 7-figure profits on an annual basis. 3. Worked with a SaaS company in Precision Ag that has grown 3-fold in the 18 months I have been associated with it in the capacity of Business Development. 4. Worked with IT Companies, E-commerce and several other Cloud-based companies. 5. Developed and implemented workflow engagements for lead generation, support platforms (like Zen Desk) and on-boarding user programs.

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