Blue Brontide

Organic baby accessories in gender neutral colours made with premium sustainable fabrics & ethically sourced wooden baby/kids tableware to make mealtimes fun! Bluebrontide was created out of our desire to live, work & create in an ethical and sustainable manner. Everything from the materials we carefully select, to how our products are made, the businesses we decide to work with and the products we decide to stock, are hopefully a reflection of this! All our products are designed or sourced to be created with consideration to the environment & social impact it may have during its life-cycle. We love the whole concept of ‘slow fashion’ (a product that insures quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of an item) which we take into consideration for each piece we make in house or ethically source ensuring the items you purchase from us will last & fit into your child’s life for many years to come, hopefully being passed down the family.

7 Bempton Lane, Bridlington, YO16 7EJ, GB
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