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Dustin D. 201 days ago
Blatant Fraudulent sales are quite illegal Here!
It was a solid 4 star until I purchased a product based on its description and list of features. I received a completely different product that had none of the features that I specifically paid for. It was Fraudulent junk and I explained that fact, in full documentation along with many pictures to Cust Service. I received a reply back from “Camille” “that maybe I didn’t know how to use it”. I had to reply that it I certainly did not know how to use features and electrical power supply types that simply didn’t exist. Also, that I was a professional in the field, =so I definitely would know how to use it. They proceeded to ignore all of Banggood’s standing warranties and guarantees and offer me fractional amounts of my own money back. They only had my money because of blatantly defrauding me and even admitted it. =I was irate and rejected the offer(along with subsequent incremental increased offers and instead demanded that the product I had actually purchased be immediately provided and they could keep their illegally obtained money of mine. It was a matter of principle/Integrity/honor = “Camille” and the salesman responsible for the idiotic product posting, both refused to step up and toe the line of common decency. I explained the concept of Fraud, Integrity, Honor and Customer Service in full detail, due to such concepts apparently being an entirely foreign concept to them. After an extended correspondence that was absolutely not going anywhere = I gave up on their ability to toe the line. I told them to refund the money and that I would respond in other venues to their abysmal business practices. Even then I received an email that they were unsure if I wanted my money refunded or not!?! I told them to read the first sentence again, but if they were seriously that dense, I would break it down to a single sentence= Give me my money back and “you reap what you sow”. I am a disabled individual, struggling to provide for my wife and small children. Their act of Fraud, cost me thousands of dollars to compensate for. I relayed this and was ignored, yet again. I don’t know what my family will do, but it will be done with integrity and honor.
Alf C. 138 days ago
Money grabbing scammers
Most unprofessional, unethical online retailer. I purchased doorbell Digoo SB-XYA, it was showing 1057pcs in stock when I paid on 09/09/2017. Next day on my order, it was noted as 'back order' body bothered to contact. Item comes back in stock during sale periods and goes back to 'back order' after sale. Banggood is cheating all their customers by getting their money by luring them into buying goods a unreasonably discount price, but will never deliver...when question they they cancel order and refund. I waited 3months, when i raised my concerns, cancelled my order and refund sent(which i have to wait another 14days to be in my bank). I the item in question is still available on their website...SHAME ON YOU BANGGOOD.
Anonymous 167 days ago
Terrible service
They might or might not sell products that actually work (sometimes they do, sometimes they don't).
What I can definitely share is my experience with their so called "VIP Customer Service".
It is a joke! If you finally get someone to reply it is nothing but delaying tactics and excuses with no actual help at all. For example I tried for weeks to get a battery powered tool replaced that was simply not working despite me buying new batteries twice to test it.
After weeks they finally reacted and insisted on a picture of the packaging (which I threw away weeks ago) and a picture or a video illustrating the problem. How is a picture or video of a battery powered tool not working going to help with anything or proove anything? It had no visible defects, it was just not working.
And that was not the first, nor the last time. For a time I kept getting lured by their prices but recently their ability to get the stuff to me in one piece or at all took a nosedive and I had to deal with a lot of trouble without receiving adequate help from them. To be exact they simply did not respond or just blocked most of my requests to fix the situation. I completely lost confidence in them being able to fulfill a trade honestly and deal with problems honorably.
It is a sad situation since they started well but now I can honestly say it is no fun at all to deal with them.
Anonymous 193 days ago
Excellent shop
Good goods and support service. Fast shipping. I recommend.
In the photos, some of the items I ordered.
Mark J. 11 days ago
Do not use BANGGOOD They will take your MONEY
I have ordered AA 1000mah x 4 Rechargeable Battery But I have received AAA 400mah.

The Item I received is completely different from my order and Can not be used, so I have used banggoodcom/Contact-Us_hi111 To inform you About the issue Before 26 days on 18-Apr-2017. For your reference OrderID:44781840

Your Email Agent "Red Zhu" replies and I Provide here Shipping Bag image, Item image and Sku Bar-code Image. Proof Of email : prntscr. com/j3qah7

After that there was no reply from you for next 4 days and I send you several email during this time to Get Update.

On the Fifth day I got reply from "Red Zhu" that she did not received any images and asked to send again : prntscr com/j3qbcc

I send the Images again and after 2 days he replies back, "Yes, we can see that you have received your parcel now, what's the problem here?" Img : prntscr com/j3qcao. LOL 8 days were wasted in this Torture and now after 8 days your agent ask what Is the Problem!

I reply her back saying I have received Wrong Item, check Images i provided in previous and She reply's back that She can not see any Image! Email Img: prntscr com/j3qdh8

This is Real torture and Wast of time. I already provided all Info twice and Your email Agent Conforms she received it and After 2 Days the same agent "Red Zhu" Says she has not received any Item and ask to send them again. 10 Days have Passed during this Process.

For the Third time I Send all the Information again and there was no reply from your end for next 3 days. img : prntscr com/j3qfsc

Got reply on the Forth Day and she replys that She can not see images and asked me to Upload on youtube or some other Place. This is High of Bad Service : prntscr com/j3qgdm

I upload the images online and provide the link and I get reply and she ask me to Send me new image of the Item in box lol : prntscr com/j3qh5s

After providing the Image of Item with Box, I got an email from her asking me to provide Video of the Item. img : prntscr com/j3qi8r

You can she the Agent is Just wasting time by asking the same thing again and again which is also a torture and wast of time.

Around 28 days have Passed and I have not received any solution from your end. I have Provided all info you asked and came on all of your torture but still there is No reply from your agent from last 12 days.
Digo G. 14 days ago
Worst Support ever, Email Agents cant even read
Have Ordered Headphone from your site and here is my order: #46446015

I have received the Item broken and It was dead on arrival, So I have followed your site rules and Send You an Email on 3/4/2018 with all the info required and Video attached with the email Which Clearly saws the headphone is not working. Snap of email : prntscr .com/j2nmlf

Your Email Support Agent "Red Zhu" ask me to send me Video the the faulty Item I received but I have already provided that in my first email and looks like Red Zhu is having some Sight Issues or is too Lazy to read emails.

After that I have send her more 4 emails with the same Information asked by him but again after 3 days I get reply saying "Some staffs are currently out of the office as Chinese Ching Ming Festival and we will be back on 8th April.Would you please wait for more one day?" Email snap : prntscr .com/j2no0h

Three days have passed and She cant check one email? any ways today is 9th April and I am yet to get any proper response from your end.

Its been total of 7 days I have been sending emails and there is no solution provided and at 2 reply I got from your end, I was asked to Provide the same info which I already provided on my first email.

You should Train your Email Agents with proper english and Remove such Lazy Agents who dont even read emails.

Support is the main Part of a Service and If we the buyers do not get Proper support from your end, then we will be forced to move to different sites with better support.
We all know there are several site like yours.

Note: Please do not give lame excuse about holidays, as holidays was only for 3 days and I contacted 7 days back and I got reply during holidays also, Just did not received any solution.
If holidays are so important for you then you should mention it on your site in big Letters that your Services will be closed for this and this days. As a professional You should At-least do this.
Albert M. 23 days ago
Not a good product.
Please send me a refund. The shoes I received I could not get my feet into. They are useless.
Anonymous 169 days ago
Shipping problems
After two months waiting for my items at a very non expensive price, shipping was not working. At least i was refunded thanks to Carina.
Not sure if I'll buy again as shipping and delivery times are a major issue.
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