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Reign C. 60 days ago
I'm not what your looking for, why?

So I applied to become a performer last Monday and answered everything as asked, my bio and everything! I was contacted by you and got told I'm not what your looking for right now, but why? its a cam site? like you charge a fee so its more money for you I don't understand why? I found you on twitter and saw that you only have 100 and something placements left, I just want to know why I'm not right for your site, I'm an experienced camgirl and not the trashy kind I look after my body and take care of my hair, skin and teeth like it says in your handbook.

I'm 22, attractive and I'm independent! I love what I do, I'm passionate. I'd be willing to pay more money to be a part of Babes United. I've seen so many people on about it and I want to be a BU girl :)

I would just like an answer to why I'm not what your looking for is all?
Response from
Hello Reign,

So firstly I am sorry about your disappointment, but I can assure you that our decision is not based on how you look! We have a lot of new performer applications to get through everyday and due to the limited placements we are only accepting only 2% of applications per month.

I understand your anger as we are a cam site, but we do not treat it as the average, stereotypical cam site. Because of this we choose our performers carefully and aim for a variety of looks to fill the placements wisely! I'm not sure if I dealt with your application, as there is a few of us in the admin team, but what I can tell you is that we keep all applications up to one year, and we do re-review applications if certain placements do become available!

Lastly I would also like to add, that although we are persistent in retrieving fee's from current performers to cover admin and site fee's, the money is not our motivation! We pride ourselves on popularity and supplying the adult industry with top and professional performers. We are constantly brain-storming in expanding our franchise! A lot of companies may be motivated by money, but we do NOT care for the money, we care about ensuring top quality of business to customers!

Kind regards,
Babes United
MILES L. 62 days ago
Unbelievable and incredible - truly are an EMPIRE
I have been using babes united for a while now. I used to use stream-mate but got sick of using normal cam sites. wanted something where I could have one to one with a hot girl. with stream-mate its a case of sharing one girl in a room of at least 20 guys, but here you can chat to a girl on kik from one of their many categorised groups, and then you message one of them (or most of them if you're cheeky like me!!!!!! :p) and then you plan your service and then they do it as soon as you send payment. they also send some free stuff for just spending some time with them! I find that they are all beautiful ladies but also very respectful, I think who owns this site is honestly amazing, they have the best strategic professionalism and as soon as you enter the group BAM you have to verify which is really good in my opinion, it's a bit of a ballache to verify but it's just to protect themselves from the youngs ones and what-not! see with stream-mate underage guys will be on there all the time, these girls wont have it!

I have had an amazing experience with a lot of girls from there, valentina, miss-marie, holly, candy and a few others. I love the fact they are all different, they are all amazing in their own unique ways. you have your blondes, your gingers, your funny hair colours (but I'm adventurous! :D) theyre always willing to go that extra mile.

I love babes united and they are everywhere! never even heard of them then BAM one day they are in everyones faces and I've been addicted ever since!!!!!

I used kik a while ago and one girl was extremely rude to me she wasn't from B U but it put me off (for good I thought at the time) as to me it seems its easier to just take the Wonga and run! but not with these girls, ive been with many from B U now and got my service almost right off -

if you couldn't be bothered to read the whole thing, let me break it down for you:

beautiful, kind, stunning, not just girls - but supermodels in my opinion, don't care just about the money actually seems they are interested in you, the levels of professionalism are out of the roof - absolutely amazing, ive spent over a 1000$ on there now and I love it - a few don't use audio but most do - just a few shyer ones don't.

Amazing, love you B U
Tim M. 93 days ago
Beautiful and elegant site with trustworthy girls!
Love Babes United! Everywhere I go whether its Twitter kikk or insta, I see Babes United, heard so many good things and are very popular so I thought I would give it a go!

The girls are so beautiful. I wanted a show with roses but didnt get a reply but then i found vicious kitty and WOW WOW can i just say!

Will be back :-)
Response from
Thank you Tim for your nice comment!

As a new and professional adult services platform, we are very glad that you had a good experience with us!

We aimed for elegance on the website, so thank you for saying it's elegant! But it's truly the beauties on there that make elegant!

Babes United
The M. 60 days ago
Stunning girls - the site needs a webcam platform!
I had a cam session with Violet yesterday. I usually go with Candy but she wasn't available when I was ready for some fun ;)

I have had a cam session with ariel a few times and love her full figure! I'm a man of many likes in a lady ;)

I give a 4 star only because I wish BU had a cam platform. I understand the managers are in the process of working out a plan for the site so that the girls can cam directly on there. I've had extensive discussions with the admins and they are truly wonderful and very polite and always willing to answer any queries you may have. The service is very fast. The company is very professional and not as cut and dry as most adult platforms. They have clearly picked their performers very carefullyas eachone is absolutely gorgeous! I recommended a friend of mine (she is female & 29) to join BU, but unfortunately she wasn't what they were looking for at the time, so it shows there is a standard rather than most cam session sites who take anyone!

This investment was a brilliant decision and has become vastly popular!

The one thing I love is that you can buy directly from the site with your credit or debit card as well as new tech methods of payments. I haven't yet done it as when I asked a few of the girls they said the pricing is yet to be set to the individual models, so bitcoin, wu and circle are ok for now ;)

Overall they are very bespoke. They have strict rules which filters out the illegal stuff! Their terms of use are worth a read gents!

Thanks for a warm and welcoming service!

Joe x x