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Professional, reliable and fast !!
Authxperts is the most incredible team of professionals that will help you with the request of any Certificate of Birth and/or Apostille as well as with any of their services. They are extremely helpful, knowledgeable and their advise is always the Best!! 100% recommended
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Awesome! We're so glad you had a good experience with us -- come back any time!
Kim G. 5 days ago
Avoid this company. There are others
I found the personnel from this office to be unresponsive to questions, and concerns. After multiple attempts to connect with my assigned agent, I found his attitude and tone to be very rude and belligerent when I expressed dissatisfaction with the service I was receiving, and concerns about their internet security system.

I ended-up finding a different agent that provided the same service at a better price, and with great customer service as part of their business model.
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Thanks for the feedback. We would like to present facts of the case-

Client contacted us via email in Nov 2017 from QATAR and requested information for QATAR embassy legalization on US degrees and FBI reports. All information was provided via email in the next 2 working days.
There was no communication with client till Jan 3rd, 2018 after that. Client again contacted us to ask for status of documents at that time. To our surprise, we notified client that nothing is received by us so far and thus her documents are not being processed.

Client sent email to us in response stating that she submitted documents to us from QATAR through her boss who fell sick and documents are still with her. She mentioned that documents will be sent to us by her colleague's son now.

Later, client called and asked for refund and cancellation of her request. We notified the client that since we don't even have any applications with credit card information and her documents, there is no question of any refund. To this, client hung up the call.

There was never any concerns about our internet security which is reduntant claim anyways since documents are supposed to be submitted in originals for QATAR embassy legalization process.

We agree that there are multiple service providers out there but here are some more interesting facts-

1. FACT- This client was referred to us by her employer educational institution in QATAR and we currently have multiple applications in process for the same corporate client. They are still recommending our services to their new hires. Infact, not only her employer, we are recommended by QATAR Foundation, AWSAJ, AL KHOR, AL WAKRA, QATAR Academy, American School, NorthWestern University in QATAR, Georgetown University, Texas A &M, SIDRA Hospital and Academy, Weill Cornell, Virginia Commonwealth University etc. to name just a few clients in QATAR.

2. FACT- There is not a single company out there that performs QATAR legalizations from 100+ countries.

3. FACT- Authxperts carries liability insurance of upto 25000 USD for client documents in process at any of our locations. Insurance that is unheard of in legalization services industry. This is for protection of client documents although we never had to file any claim with insurance.

4. FACT- Authxperts is the only company that provides identity services in addition to legalization services. Due to this fact, our office has been vetted by State of Maryland, IT department and our internet systems are fully secure to transmit data from our office to FBI and to State of Maryland for running background checks. Same internet system is used to send and receive emails. Claiming that our internet security is not safe is baseless claim in light of above. Client definitely has not done enough research. Also, our website is fully secure for making credit card payments.
Miguel H. 5 days ago
Missing Marriage Certificate Attestation
As of today 17 Feb 2018 I still have not received my attested marriage certificate which is delaying obtaining getting an Emirates Visa and medical insurance for my wife. I requested my marriage certificate attestation back in November 2017. Please provide status of obtaining marriage certificate attestation or do I need to take action with another agency. Thanks Miguel Hernandez. Provide status on email at or Thanks again.
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Dear Miguel

As acknowledged by you in the email subsequent to writing this review that you never submitted your marriage certificate to us in error, May we now request you to remove this review as its totally incorrect portrayal of our service.


Martin N. 6 days ago
Very unhappy
After I had finished the process with AuthXperts, I was informed by MoE that the documents I had authenticated on their advise were not the ones required by MoE in order to authenticate my degree. This had cost me $2200 in fees paid to Authxperts. I later obtained and processed the certification of the correct document myself at less than 1/3rd of the cost.
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Unfortunately, we don't have your name in our database but looking at your email from MASDAR domain in UAE, its possible that you might have used our services since your employer still recommends our services to new hires. Not even MASDAR but majority of public sector companies owned by UAE Government use our services. Even the parent company of MASDAR uses our services exclusively. That is testament to our knowledge of UAE Government requirements. We have processed equivalency applications for 2500+ applicants for your employer group companies alone and still continue to assist them. There is no complaint from any of those companies and all documents are accepted by MOE
It seems that you have used our services more than or close to 2 years ago and your data has been purged for security reasons. Without going into actual details, we can say that doing the attestations yourself is definitely cheaper option. The legalization of documents from Norway as in your case is expensive and the charge as mentioned in your comment must be for multiple documents.
Deidre R. 7 days ago
Bad service experience
Slow responses. Lost my original PhD certificate.
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Thank you so much for your feedback! We're always looking to improve!

We have looked into your case and all related emails. The PhD certificate was never received by us and was communicated as well. We wish,we had control on courier companies performance but we don't. We received your Bachelor and Master's degrees for QATAR and those were legalized and shipped back as per our records.
Tatiana 2 days ago
Good job!
Efficient, timely, responsive. Great job overall
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Thanks for the great review!
DL B. 3 days ago
A Great Company to Bring Your Documents to
Great customer service. Fast and professional work!
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Awesome! We're so glad you had a good experience with us -- come back any time!
Nawar A. 3 days ago
Good Reliable Services
It was a smooth Service, the promised TAT was delivered. i highly recommend their services.
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