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Ken S. 57 days ago
Does Not Exist - No Face To Face Meetings
Does Not Exist - NO FACE TO FACE MEETINGS. World Wide
I have tried. I tried for 2 months in South America and a I tried for another 2 months Asia.. Four (4) months, complete falure, concentrated and focused effort resulted in Zero Meetings of Girls I had been chatting with all year.

April 27, 2018.
I am a North American writing this in at the end of 2 months traveling China. I travelled throughout China - 5 cities in 5 different provinces (Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Hongkong, and Guilin) to meet Asian Women, specifically members of website.

Very poor Website customer service . Non existant customer service here at this web site. Zero for relationship. Only chat for money .
No actual face to face meetings, with members being spoken to in chat.

No actual way to meet members.
I have spent $30,000 in two years in chat AND letters. No Kidding. I have made great friendships and had communications to meet face to face in the country of the ladies saying they want to meet. In two years, with 2 months in Colombia, and 2 months in China, not one (not 1) face to face in person meeting. Not one!!!
My purpose in the extended length of travel was specifically to meet girls from this web site. Not one of the many saying they would meet showed up. Not one. The web site is 100% scam!!

The web site is for social chat only. The site is not for actually meeting and having a person to person relationship.

This site thwarts attempts to pass contact information and does not provide means of actually meeting. This site is a pay for chat service. This is not a relationship service.
The web site is fraudlant in appearances. The Appearance that they care about relationship is 100% false. They care about keeping their pay for chat clients. They do not have ,nor do they promote, away for members to acuually meet.
The web site is a scam.

The girls get paid to:
1. chat, (8 cents a minute)
2. send and receive letters, ($1.00 each you open or send)
3. video chat,( 40 cents a minute)
4. telephone calls, and (50 cents a minute)
5. received gifts. ($20USD per flower arrangement)
(They will not admit to being paid when asked.)

By deduction and girls in tears expressing to me their need and website reward, I have found these out.

Just like a DeJavu strip club, the girls represent themselves as
A. wanting a boyfriend and,
B. being available for a relationship.
Both are false.

They are paid eight cents a minute to chat. That is why there are 4000 Chinese there 24 hours a day, on line to chat . 24 hours a day!!
In Eastern europe, Asia, and South America, eight cents a minute to chat is worth their time. Make no mistake.

I spent 2 months in China to meet girls from this site. All were no shows, and conviniently un -available, when meeting .
Frustraited by website blocking information , good girls telling bad lies, this site is like disney land. This site is merely an amusment park, a big business for profit. It is a huge illusion. It is a "chat for amusement" park.

Look further on line. You will not find one positive review for this website.

(photos are from outside my hotel in Xi'an , China March 14, 2018)

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