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Australian Refrigeration Mechanics Association. About Us. ( Your Trade! Your Rights! Your Voice! ARMAs mission is to provide a grass roots, industry-led platform for Australias refrigeration and air-conditioning tradespeople to be heard by government. We aim to give you a voice at all levels of industry and government. To achieve this, ARMA is committed to ensuring a national trade based licence is implemented. As a board that is committed to our industrys current and future performance, on behalf of the HVACR trade ARMA is your voice to fight for the removal of non-technically competent Cert II Qualifications. Governments' insistence on ignoring our industrys complaints about its Cert II has led to the loss of many skilled refrigeration and air conditioning tradespeople, who have been pushed out of what they thought were secure businesses and jobs. It has had devastating financial flow on effects on their families and communities and

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