Agsilverdojo Bullion

NEWEST AGSILVERDOJO SILVER STACKIN APPAREL (SWEATSHIRT/HOODIE) FALL/WINTER COMPLETE COLLECTION VIDEO ! OVER (100) NEW DESIGNS IN ALL ! These are my Newest Agsilverdojo Silver Stacking Apparel Ultimate Hoodie/Sweatshirts , Fall/Winter Collection, Most come in (8) Colors ( white) (Black) (Red) (light Blue) (Dark Blue) (Maroon) (Green) (Gray) and come in Sizes ( SM.) (Med.) (Lg.) (XL.) (2XL) , This is my new brand with my seal of approval and trademark/logo on the back neck of each (Hoodie/Sweatshirt) Due to Limited space on my main website I can not fit every design so please contact me by messaging me to tell me what design and variations,size and colors you would like, Costs start at $39.00 Dollars to $49.00 Dollars depending on what size, With free (Domestic) Shipping , I’m not responsible for the printing, packing or shipping and have a outsource so please give 7-10 days for printing, packing handling and shipping of this Itam as I have a outsource .

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