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Mike H. 168 days ago
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U get what u pay 4
Bought two pairs of sunglasses. The old adage toy get what you pay for applies. Cheap glasses from China are cheap glasses from China.

One pair is ok, will probably last for a season. The lithe pair is really poor quality with terrible lenses.

Might as well just buy from your local flea market, at least you know what you're actually getting.
Response from
Dear Mike,
We're so sorry to hear you didn't have a great experience.
If you read our quality statement and refund policy, you will see that you are eligible for a refund and free replacement.
Moreover, you can see that this supplier and his products have been delisted because of his poor quality of his products. You see, we not only refund but we take measures as well.
Poor quality is out of our eShop and quality standards.
We offer low prices because we do not retain stock and we offer slow delivery in order for us to provide high-products and services.
Finally, our customer's satisfaction policy which includes free shipping, refund, and free replacement without further questions does not consist a "you get what you pay for". Believe me, it costs. And refunds cannot solve the problem if we must refund each order and receive unfavorable reviews.
We are on our customer's side, not our suppliers.
We'd love to make it right for you.
Bk P. 170 days ago
Verified Purchase
These are Junk
These glasses are a joke and shouldn't even be classified as counterfeit. Took a month to arrive (direct from China apparently) and tracking was never updated. Everything squeaks, the rubber on the left earpiece is missing, lens laminate is coming off and the pitch of the lenses is extreme towards the face. Don't waste you time and energy. Seriously...
Response from
Dear Bryan,
We are really sorry about this. However, we find your review unfair because it does not reflect our overall quality and customer-oriented policies.
You sent an email today morning and our customer support refunded your order without further questions and asked if you would like a replacement for free, according to our policies. Also, the customer support explained that our policy does not allow us to have an unhappy client adding that we adopt very strict criteria for our suppliers, including delivery time and quality. We also sent you the link to our criteria for our suppliers and informed you that the specific supplier and his products had been delisted before you sent your email because we had also a bad experience.
Although we gave you all these explanations, our honest apologies, refund and free replacement option, next, we realized that you have left the worst reviews publicly.
Please, keep it public. We encourage reviews. They always help all. But they must be fair.