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Our experienced team identifies perimeter vulnerabilities and recommends fixes in an easy to follow format, so that you can protect your business from cyber risks.
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Protecting your perimeter protects your business

Your business relies on the internet to easily exchange information with customers, suppliers, and business partners. But the points at which information is exchanged on your site, network and system are seen as high-value targets to cyber criminals. When exposed to vulnerabilities, your perimeter can not only give cyber criminals unauthorized access to confidential data, but also the ability to paralyze business operations.

Our human-verified security assessment will identify potential vulnerabilities on your perimeter, including the OWASP Top 10 security risks. Once the vulnerabilities have been identified, we’ll produce a report with recommended fixes.


Comprehensive discoveries

Our report goes beyond the typical findings of commercial scanning tools, and runs through scenarios only an expert mind would consider.

Human analysis

Results from automated tools are addressed and validated using manual testing methods.

Easy-to-understand reports

All identified vulnerabilities are categorized and documented in an easily understandable format.

Expert solutions

We’ll walk you through our recommended fixes to the discovered vulnerabilities listed in your report.


What testing methods do you use?

We use a combination of manual and automated testing tools to check for vulnerabilities in your site, network and/or system. Results from the automated tools are assessed and validated using manual testing methods and other tools. An overview of the findings is then compiled into an easy-to-follow report.

Why is the cost of this service so low?

By offering a focused, tactical security assessment, we have streamlined the testing process and eliminated scope creep. With a fixed testing window, our aim is to get an actionable understanding of the security posture of your system, network or web application.

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