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30,000 sites are hacked each day.¹

What are you doing to protect your attack surface?

It takes an average of 6 months to detect a breach and 3 months to fix it.² And during that time, many hacked sites get blocked by search engines and some are even forced to rebrand. If you’re not actively working to secure your website, you’re susceptible to those same risks.

Security that’s comprehensive. Not complicated.

We make vulnerability scanning and attack surface management as simple as possible, without any shortcuts. In a fraction of the time of alternative approaches, we’ll scan and provide security solutions for any type of website, network service, or web application regardless of the technology, framework or language.

Easily Track Your Progress with Risk Scores

Our Services
  • Discovery Scanning

    Identify your cloud assets before cyber criminals find them first.

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  • Firewall Scanning

    Detect firewall weaknesses and monitor for unauthorized changes.

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  • Server Scanning

    Find missing security patches and configuration weaknesses in just minutes.

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  • Application Scanning

    Identify coding flaws and security weaknesses that could be used to exploit your business.

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  • Penetration Testing

    Discover perimeter vulnerabilities with a manual assessment and get recommended fixes in an easy to follow report.

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  • Compliance Scanning

    Easily obtain PCI compliance reports from an Approved Scanning Vendor.

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Don’t leave your business at risk.

Your Attack Surface Management program starts here.

Protect your cloud with TrustedSite Security solutions before the worst happens. Our experts can help you get started in minutes.

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  2. ² Source: IBM