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Address concerns about data protection by showing your site is regularly scanned for weaknesses that put visitors at risk
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Take an active approach to security.

Sites that earn TrustedSite’s Secure Cloud certification show visitors they’re taking an active approach to prevent a data breach. When visitors see the site is secure, they’ll continue shopping without fear of jeopardizing their sensitive data.

30,000 sites are hacked each day.¹

It takes an average of 6 months to detect a breach and 3 months to fix it.² And during that time, many hacked sites get blocked by search engines and some are even forced to rebrand. If you’re not actively working to secure your website, you’re susceptible to those same risks.

84% of consumers are concerned about identity theft when shopping online.³

Show your cloud is secure.

Display the Secure Cloud trustmark in areas where visitors are likely to have security concerns, like in your site’s footer and on the security policy page, so they know their data is protected.

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Earn the Secure Cloud certification.

To get TrustedSite’s Secure Cloud certification, sign up for Trusted Certification Pro, purchase a TrustedSite Security plan, pass a weekly security scan, and maintain a risk score less than 600.

  • Actively scan your internet-facing assets
  • Keep your Risk Score below 600

Don’t leave your business at risk.

Your security program starts here.

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  2. ² Source: IBM
  3. ³ 2020 TrustedSite SurveyMonkey survey of 600 consumers.
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