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Wendy B. 31 days ago
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This store is a joke !
Rude ! Sold me out of stock item then charged me then have points system and lie about it and their pages are wrong . They don’t even have full discriptions for items .. Regina is rude ! Told me no points for reviews? On my account it gave me them The told me to come back the next day have to wait a day for reviews .. so I asked her she tells me that that review points are defunct and takes forever to answer ticket ! But every other time fast answers if involving money ! Told them to delete my 100 points then that i had received for my review took screen shot of how to earn points and telling me to come back the next day and I was awarded the points for the first review ... then told them to delete my info (because I can’t off the site) all of a sudden seconds later I get a belated bday email with 200 points ? Really ? It says my bday was June 3rd even on the header of the belated bday ! By that time I spent 40.00 at another place for juice ! Was going to get all my things here ! Not now ! Never will buy again ! Rude change rules and Kelly answer tickets really fast if it has to do with them getting money ! So evil ! I have cancer and was looking for a one stop vape place ! Thought I found it ! I spent $100.00 in a week for my upcoming bday ! Until I get the ticket back that Regina closed too ! Telling me no reward pints for reviews ? Really ? Then take it off your site and don’t give them out then have it tell me for more points for reviews come back a day later ! To review so I asked is it 24 hours ? Because I waited ! Then no one answers at all the slowest ever reply since I’ve shppped here ! Saying no pints for reviews we’ve changed it ! Then she closes the ticket like I said then I wrote a ticket saying remove my phone Ann’s email and card ! The site won’t let me ! Then before I could even check my mail ! Oh surprise belated bday points ! Really funny ! It’s June 3rd ! You just want money like everyone else ! Thought you were different ! So I was in the middle of shopping and yeah spent 40.00 on liquid on slaw actually a bette price since I would have to pay shipping again ! Way better price ! Also will still shop at the sauce LA ! Always sales always nice ! Really cool people ! Even if your not buying ! Rude 8 vape ! Oops wrong photo! Wish I didn’t waste my $100.00 bday money ! Here ! I wish I knew ! Also I was informed you won’t carry Vaporesso anymore by Regina who knows what’s real and what’s not ? Oh and the juice place not the sauce la ! Another one I bought from! Had better sales !
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Wendy B. Reviewer 31 days ago
Oops wrong photo ! Don’t shop here they sell you out of stock items then charge you really fast ! Then took forever to refund then ! Still showed it in stock ! And tried to get me to buy it again ? Nooo! I found if elsware cheaper ! #TheSauceLa has the best prices and the best ejuice ! Joke place here !
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