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Don L. 288 days ago
Still waiting
The reviews I read said they had their codes in minuets? Its been 26 hrs. and I'm still waiting. Other review sites are posting that people are waiting 5 to 6 days for mobile in Canada. I hope that this will not be the case.
It has been three days now and nothing. tried to contact them but surprise, their web site is not working? At this point I will let the credit card company deal with them.... DO NOT USE THEM!!!
Update; After five days and contacting my credit card company they sent me an email telling me that they are refunding my money. I would advise others having a problem with them to do the same.
I went to the provider that the phone was locked to, $35 and one hour the phone was unlocked. Lesson learned.
Be aware, Thais is what it says on your invoice once they receive payment

"No Refund, exchange ONLY. All unlock are not refundable for ANY reason.
TPS : 831276480RT0001 TVQ : 1218404495TQ0001 NEQ: 1167820928"