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Julie S. 130 days ago
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Rejuvi HCG saved me from getting Diabetes!
I was gaining weight at an ALARMING rate and I was just bordering on getting Diabetes. I had gained 15 lbs in one month, and the week that I was waiting for HCG to arrive I gained another 6lbs! Boy, I was worried. Well, I can tell you I could feel the HCG working immediately. I did not gain any weight during the 2 loading days which I consider a miracle. I have lost 7 lbs so far in ONE WEEK on this HCG + VLCD (around 500 calories per original protocol). But that's not the best part. I only stayed on the VLCD diet 3 days out of 7!. Those VLCD days I lost 2 lbs per day. The days I cheated I either did not gain any weight back OR I lost another 1 lb. E.g., Yesterday I cheated and laid on the couch all day and I still lost one pound! I am positive my body would never do that on it's own. Today I am on VLCD again and can't wait to weigh myself tomorrow. I am looking forward to making this work for me until I reach my goal weight. My goal for this round (Round 1, Phase 2) is 20 to 36 lbs. At this rate I am confident I will reach that and keep it off. I am so excited. I plan to finish this round (R1 Phase 2) and then start Phase 3 plus exercise (with no HCG) for 6 weeks to make sure I don't become immune to the HCG as per the original Dr Simeons recommendation. That will complete Round 1, then I will start my 2nd round. I do recommend this protocol because I could not stay on any diet for anything, not even to save my life!