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Matt W. 111 days ago
I was using ejuice connect exclusively for juice without any problems. Then i decided to get a new tank and some extra coils from them and was severely disappointed. I received the wrong coils, no big deal, may have even been my fault. So I sent an email and got a response that didnt even come close to answering my question about exchanging them. So I sent another email asking again. I have yet to hear back. Guess I'll take my business elsewhere. Very poor customer service.
Response from ejuiceconnect.com
We take pics of all of our outgoing orders and when an error on our part has been made, we promptly correct it.
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Scott L. 5 days ago
Buyers beware!!! Never again.
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Mary M. 6 days ago
I am having the same issue. I received the wrong order...I ordered (4) Naked Frost Bite 6mg, what I received was (4) Naked Polar Breeze 3mg. Sent two contacts, received one response two days ago asking for my order number....hmmm you emailed me, YOU couldn't look it up??? So I sent a picture of the confirmation email I received clearly stating I ordered Naked Frost Bite 6mg....and have yet to hear back from them, but have no doubt they were quick as hell to take my money out of my account. What I take from this experience is that they don't give a DAMN about satisfied customers once they have your cash!
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Jimmy S. 31 days ago
That's bullshit. Where is my juice then
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Sean 73 days ago
Having the same issue with this company. I ordered a G-Priv Mod kit and they sent me an S-Priv Mod kit. The kit they sent looks like something out of a 14 year old goth kid's wet dream, the entire mod is a giant skull. It's tacky and there's absolutely no way I'm taking it out in public with me. I actually haven't even taken it out of the box yet. I've attempted to contact the company several times(over a 2 week period) to allow them to correct this shipping error and gotten absolutely ZERO response. This isn't a company I would ever shop with again and I highly recommend that no one else does either.
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Mike S. 80 days ago
Lmao. You “promptly correct it” huh? How about when you send out a kit that you claim on your website contains batteries and doesn’t, what do you do then? I’ll tell you what you do. First you call the customer a liar. Then even after you are provided proof that it was YOUR error (proof being that the box the kit came in stated that the batteries are not included) you THEN try to blame the manufacturer. How that’s even possible even after being shown that IJOY never put batteries in the kit yet you still claim in the website that it does is beyond me. Your ignorance and lack of ANY semblance of customer service baffles me....
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Matt W. Reviewer 87 days ago
My complant had nothing to do with an error on your part. My complant was that there was absolutely no attempt made to answer my question about exchanging the coils. Did you even read my review? Forget it!
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