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Raianna R. 159 days ago
yes i agree with Lili. i paid the same for freeze machine and not even two months later it started smoking up. its been 2 months since this happend and am still trying to get a resolution. the communication is ridiculous. its impossible, noone speaks english barely so it takes hundreds of emails and me literally sending pictures of the things im asking about with arrows pointing to them just to decipher a basic statement. 3 weeks ago , after being asked to take apart the machine like a mechanic,..i was told to send 40 bucks for a new water pump and i would get a video of how to replace it. (or get a mechanic) THEN, i get an email that says my machine is older and the part i need is not available. in the same sentence he said he doesnt know which machine i have so can i just send it back. LOL to china! so i said...YOU sold it to can u not know. figure it out. unbelievable right.
well yesterday i get an email that says he was just made aware there are 2 pumps in my machine so we need ot verify which i need. (good thing they never sent the one i paid for 3 weeks ago like they were supposed to). Like I understand why we have troube communicating...but how does chinese man in china working for the company as their service guy not able to communicate with his own manufacturing company? not know anything about what youre selling, or at least find out when youre "servicing" a customer. Not to mention i sent him a picture of my model # 3 times prior.
mind you...days go by between each of these emails..each containing one or two sentences that always need more 2 more emails to clarify. its ridiculous! ive asked if we could skype, instant message , i even asked him what language he spoke so i could find someone to communicate because he doesnt feel its an important part of his job, and each of those email went unanswered.
sorry to vent.. just dont know what to do. and now i see there are others who know exactly what im going through so if anyone has any advise... feel free to share.
- end rant