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Jared C. 113 days ago
Nonexistent customer service. AVOID THIS COMPANY.
You may get a great price on your order, but with that price comes terrible customer service. I will not be ordering from this company again. They were responsive initially, then decided to start ignoring me.

I ordered a mod and had it sent to the wrong address. My fault totally. I had it returned to sender, and it landed at their local post office where it's for some reason been stuck for over a month. Spent hours on the phone with USPS trying to resolve the issue. I asked if they had received it and USPS just didn't update? No response. I said, since they were the sender, it would be great if they could put in a claim on the package since it was insured... No response. I'm still out money until that package gets returned, if it ever does. My only recourse was requesting a charge back through my financial institution. That will take potentially months more.

In the meantime, I made the mistake of ordering the exact same product while the first one got sorted out. Received, used, loved it for about a month until it started malfunctioning and being only intermittently usable when it felt like it. Smok quality as I've come to expect it. I've emailed twice now about the condition of my still new product to get them to return the product under warranty. Again, silent treatment. Next step is try to get manufacturer to accept the return, and after that, they'll have to deal with another charge back. Beyond that, I'll be filing an attorney general complaint. It would be so much easier for all parties if they'd simply respond to my emails and accommodate my reasonable requests, but if we have to take the hard road then that's what we'll do.

I hate being adversarial, but when I've sent money to your company and you ignore me, you leave me no choice. Once I resolve my issues with the company, I'm going to pretend they never existed and advise anyone who cares not to gamble their money on this sketchy retailer.
Response from ejuiceconnect.com
WE do everything in our power to to ensure customer satisfaction. However, we are not responsible for USPS mis deliveries when the wrong address is input on the order. We do not cover manufacturer warrantoes, but will accept returns, at our discretion, within a certain time frame as we have no idea what has happened to the product after weeks of use.