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Chee X. 108 days ago
Verified Purchase
Very Poor Communication
So I tried to order the humminbird helix 7 ice g2 that was listed as "in stock" on their website. Their website stated that they ship the same day of order or next day of order. So I decide to pull the trigger and make the purchase and waited 3 days hoping that it would get ship out by the 3rd day. I still got no confirmation of the item ever being shipped out or if there was any kind of delay/problem. I decide to contact them and they tell me that the item is not in stock and will be in stock in 1 week coming up Monday and will be ship out that same day. I was ok with that, so I waited until that Monday evening and still no contact from them or no confirmation about anything. I contact them again and they tell me that there was a delay of the shipment being receive. WHY DIDN'T THEY EVER TRY TO CONTACT ME ABOUT ANY OF THESE ISSUES AT ALL? It would of never been an issue at all if they at least attempted to contact me if the item was not in stock and told me that there might be a delay. A customer should never have to contact a seller if the seller knows there is a problem ahead of time. That is the seller's job. Thankfully I used paypal so I demanded a full refund. Be careful when buying from these guys.