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Amy E. 5 days ago
Good value for the price!
Great quality for the price. The bamboo cotton top is very soft and comfortable. They are maybe slightly thicker than some of the more expensive pads, but that's what I would expect for the price. The absorbency of these pads is very high, I feel that even if you have a heavy flow- there would be little risk of leaking through these. My only criticisms would be that the overnight/postpartum pad is a bit too big and too thick for me, so that one can get uncomfortable if you are petite. The pantyliner is perfectly sized if you are a small/slim person with light to regular flow, this is the one I use the most. The PUL layer makes them slightly less breathable, so you may find yourself getting too warm wearing these after a few hours. However, the PUL is what makes them more leakproof. Overall they wash quite well but bear in mind that the top is white so you will probably need to use a stain remover if you're bothered about staining. So to summarise, if you are looking for low budget, high absorbency, leakproof pads this would be a good starter pack for you to test out reusable pads. Especially if you are a first timer and can't invest financially in RUMPs fully yet.